Faith First

Required Mass Attendance:

                       1st – 7th Graders need 22 Masses   / 8th Graders need 16 Masses*

You may choose to attend ANY of the Saturday or Sunday Masses at St. Paul from September 14, 2019 – July 15, 2020*

Saturday Mass Times:

4:30 pm – Upper Church & Holy Family Chapel

Sunday Mass Times:

7:30 am – Upper Church

9:00 am – Upper Church & Holy Family Chapel

10:30 am – Upper Church & Holy Family Chapel

Noon – Upper Church

5:30 pm – Upper Church

Bring your Reflection Book to church with you and have the priest sign and date the picture page of Your Reflection at the end of Mass.

If you forget your book you must take a bulletin and have that signed by the priest. Place that page in your Reflection Book.

Hand in your Reflection Book to the Office for Catechesis after you attend all required Masses & completed the book requirements.

Reflection Book Work – we will be looking for Grade appropriate work from each child

For each Mass there is two pages of work:

  1. The first page will be taking that Sunday’s Gospel Reading and rewriting it in their own words.
  2. The second page will be writing what the Gospel means to you and how it can make you a better version of yourself.

To review a particular Sunday Gospel, please go to the US Catholic Bishop’s site and click on the Calendar/Sunday you would like to review:

Click here for Bible Readings


8th Graders – Must attend 16 Masses by February 9, 2020

2nd Graders – Must attend 22 classes by April 12, 2020


8th Grade – As with all 8th grade students you will need to complete:

  1. All your required service by December 1
  2. Saint paper by November 1 – See Sacrament/Confirmation page of website for directions
  3. Attend Confirmation Retreat in December
  4. Complete Confirmation work in Decision Point book received on Retreat – due by February 9
  5. Complete all work in your book and return book to office by February 9 – be sure to write your name in the book. You may drop it off at the Rectory with a note that it goes to the Catechesis office.
  6. Confirmation Interview on February 11
  7. Make Confirmation in February

And your parents will attend the Parent Meeting on October 8

 8th Grade required work –

Decision Point Sessions (chapters) 8 – 10 all pages. Complete and either tear them out and hand in with student name on it or make copies of the pages.

 2nd Grade – As will all 2nd grade students you will:

  1. Make Reconciliation in January
  2. Attend your assigned Communion Retreat in March or April
  3. Make Communion in May
  4. Complete Reconciliation/Communion work by April 12

And your parents will attend the Parent Meetings on November 19 and January 28

 2nd Grade required work –

Blest Are We Chapters 5 – 8 and 13 – 16. Complete and either tear them out and hand in with student name on it or make copies of the pages.

1st Grade Parents –

Attend the 1st Grade Parent Meeting – September 24 @ 7:00 pm in HFC

 6th & 7th Grade – Complete required service by March 1 

When registering for next year’s Catechesis classes you may register starting in May, but we would need this year’s completed work before your registration would be finalized.