Lectionary Based

2021-2022 Requirements:

Students attend 20 Sunday Masses IN PERSON. For each Mass, your child should bring their journal or use a Bulletin and get the priest’s signature, in the journal, there should be two pages of reflection/summaries. Please note that the reflection/summaries should each be multiple sentences. The first page should indicate the date of the Mass and which priest presided and should include a summary of the priest’s homily. The second page should be a reflection on the Gospel Reading – what did it mean to you and how can you use it in your life. We are looking for their summaries to be grade level appropriate.

ALSO required are the once a month classes with discussion (see the Directed Study page for more information). These once a month classes can be attended in person or on Zoom. The parent needs to “attend” these once a month classes whether they choose the IN PERSON or Zoom version. These classes begin in October for the Lectionary Based Program and attendance is taken. Each month these classes are offered at four different day/times so that everyone should be able to attend one of them. However, if you miss ANY of these classes, a Mandatory Make-Up Assignment is required.

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Pick one of the Seven Sacraments – write a 200 word essay.

First paragraph – describe the Sacrament and what happens

Second paragraph – describe what this Sacraments means to and for You

8th Grade 

As with all 8th grade students you will need to complete service and write a Saint Paper:

  1. Complete Saint paper by November 1 – See Sacrament/Confirmation page of website for directions
  2. All  required service handed in
  3. Attend Confirmation Retreat  – information on Retreat will be forthcoming
  4. Complete all work in Reflection/Journal book and return book to office. Name must be in the book to get credit for work
  5. Confirmation Interview
  6. Attend Confirmation Practice and Make Confirmation
  7. Complete extra sacrament work (coming in late Fall) and return.

There will be a Parent Meeting – more information will be coming out soon.

 2nd Grade 

  1. Make Reconciliation
  2. Complete all work in Reflection/Journal book and return to office. Name must be in the book to get credit for work. You may drop book off at the Catechesis Office or at the Rectory (with a note that it goes to the Catechesis Office).
  3. Complete extra sacrament work (see below) and return.
  4. Attend your assigned Communion Retreat – more information will be forthcoming
  5. Attend Communion Practice and Make Communion

There will be Parent Meetings – more information will be coming out soon.

 2nd Grade extra sacramental work 

Complete every question in the Chapters Below. Click on each chapter below, you can then print them out and have your child complete ALL questions on each of the pages. Please remember that their name is on the pages. Return these pages along with your child’s Reflection/Journal book. If you do not have access to a printer you may pick up the chapter pages at our office.

Faith First Grade 2 – Chap 05 

Faith First Grade 2 – Chap 07

Faith First Grade 2 – Chap 08 a

Faith First Grade 2 – Chap 08 b

Faith First Grade 2 – Chap 14

Faith First Grade 2 – Chap 16

 6th & 7th Grade

Complete the required service by March 1 – see Service page for more information