Welcome to St. Paul’s Catechesis Registration Page!

We thank you for wanting to be a part of our Program! ALL the information & forms for Registering on this page and its links (in pink) – so please scroll through the entire page!

              Classes have started – but you can still register!

Information on classes, book pick-up for remote options, Sacraments, etc. is emailed  in late August and into September. If you register late, we will send you the information upon receiving your registration & payment. 

We are happy to answer your calls and emails as well as make arrangements to meet in person, if needed! But we ask that you call ahead if you would like to come in, to make sure that we are not elsewhere on campus.


INFORMATION / INSTRUCTION Page – includes info on our different options!

Click Here for Information & Instructions to complete Registration Form (RF)

The above page link includes Information Needed to Complete the Registration Form (RF):

  • Parent Information
  • Child Information
  • Required Signature
  • PROGRAM CHOICE #’S (needed to complete RF) – please note that the Directed Study monthly classes are all Zoom classes.
For Video Program and Directed Study homework for each chapter the student should complete ALL pages and ALL questions, in every chapter (including the Chapter Review and any Faith In Action pages [which come after the reviews]) and then the the individual chapter work is either emailed or dropped off at the Kinane Center (see more specific info on the Option Information page):                  
  • Email work to SPC.REL.ED.HOMEWORK@GMAIL.COM   –  Subject line: First Name Last Name Grade # Chapter #



Click Here for Tuition and Fees page

To make an online payment – see link below!

The above page link includes the following Information:

  • Tuition
  • Sacramental Fees
  • Late Fees – Late Fees are currently being waived! But please get your Registrations in now so we can plan for our class needs!
  • New Families
  • Waiting To Register
  • Non Parishioners
  • Types of Payment Accepted – including our online payment option (credit cards or electronic checks accepted) Click Here to Pay Online! 
  • IF YOU ARE USING THE ONLINE PAYMENT OPTION, IF YOUR LAST NAME IS DIFFERENT THAN YOUR CHILD’S PLEASE EITHER: Let us know or add your child’s name in parentheses when you make your payment, so that we are able to match the payment to the Registration Form (RF)
  • Mailing Address / Office Location
  • Returned Checks
  • Refunds – the processing fee will be deducted from any refunds on payments made using the online payment site
  • If you need a replacement book, the cost is $30 and you may pay for that as well by using the online payment site – please email us requesting the book

REGISTRATION FORM (RF) – fillable pdf


Click Here for the Registration Form (RF)

The above is Fillable RF pdf link – Directions on how to use this fillable pdf:

  • Click on the link, it will open the fillable Registration Form 
  • You may now print the blank form and complete it by hand OR
  • Type in the registration information
  • If you’ve typed in the registration information you may now print it OR
  • Save the form to your computer If you open the RF with a gmail account or in Chrome, you should be able to enter the information into the form and then click on the Download arrow (at the top right of your screen) and save it. In other types of emails or servers (i.e. Firefox) it will bring up the RF in a pdf file (i.e. Adobe). Type in your info and then save it by clicking on the file button (at the top left) then click Save As. After saving it you will be able to attach the file to your email! and print it later OR if using our new payment option for credit cards/electronic checks:
  • Email the Registration Form to us ( and then make your payment on the Parish online payment page for Catechesis (Click Here for the GiveCentral online payment site) as full payment is expected with Registration unless other arrangements have been made.

Don’t have a printer? Printer issues? There will be Registration Forms left in the Kinane Center’s unlocked mailbox.


WANT TO VOLUNTEER? Great! We Need Volunteers! Because if not you, then who?

Parents of children enrolled in our Program are eligible for tuition waivers, if a parent volunteers! Find out about the full and partial waivers we offer – call or email us today! Or just go ahead and fill out an application and email it to us and we will contact you!

Please know that we happily welcome and encourage grandparents to volunteer as well as aunts, uncles and siblings! The happiness and pride we can see in our students, when a family member volunteers, is a joy! However, we are unable to offer tuition waivers to anyone but parents. 

Click Here for the fillable Volunteer Application


ALL 6th, 7th & 8th Grade students are required to perform service in preparation of Confirmation.  



Are You NEW to St. Paul of the Cross… or are you interested in becoming a registered parishioner?

We ask everyone to be a parishioner, but at this time it is not required.  However, please know that we give priority placement to our parishioners!

Click Here for New Parishioner Reg Form

Drop off the New Parishioner Form at the Rectory and contact them with any Parishioner related questions. The Rectory phone number is 847-825-7605. Any Catechesis questions should be directed to our office!

Sign-up is simple  and there is NO Cost nor Commitment when you sign-up.

Signing up for Catechesis does not automatically sign you up as a Parishioner! Nor does enrolling in Catechesis put you on the Parish’s email or mailing list.