First Communion

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St. Paul of the Cross celebrates the sacraments as one community, with the Catechesis Program and SPC School celebrating together!  Please scroll down to find pictures from the Communion Retreat!


Please follow the link below for the Banner Directions:

Communion Banner Directions

Communion Information for 2022-2023 

This year’s Retreat pictures are first and then info on the 2022-2023 Communions themselves.

Information on 2023-2024 will be coming in August and September:

Communion Retreats – March 11 & April 1 PICTURES!!

April 1 – Pictures

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March 11 – Pictures

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Masses last about an hour and 15 minutes but also give time for taking pictures with the priest and getting out of the parking lot! 

Under each date are the classes/Teachers’ Names that are scheduled for that date



May 6 @ 10:00 / Practice 5/2 @ 4 (Upper Church)

Ms. Guerrero ~ Directed Study Program

May 6 @ 1:00 / Practice 5/4 @ 4 (Upper Church)

Mrs. Galvin ~ Mrs. McCall ~ Good Shepherd Program ~ All Abilities Program ~ Other Grades

May 13 @ 10:00 / Practice 5/9 @ 4 (Upper Church)

Mrs. Poole (Ms. Caronia) ~ Mrs. McCallister ~ Worship Program

May 13 @ 1:00 / Practice 5/11 @ 4 (Upper Church)

Mrs. Alicea ~ Mrs. Cataudella ~ Mrs. Officer

Change Requests for the date of your child’s Communion must be made by March 17 – after that dates changes will not be allowed.

Sacrament Fee

There is a  $70 Communion/Reconciliation Fee, for each child receiving the sacraments. It is paid by both Catechesis families and School families.

Catechesis Families, please include the $70 Sacrament Fee with your tuition (see Tuition/Fees link on the Registration page of this website).

School families this $70 Sacrament Fee is NOT in your school fees and should be paid by check or using our online payment option (accepts credit cards or electronic checks) on GiveCentral  Click Here to Pay Sacrament Fee Online





The Communions for 2021-2022 were livestreamed. About two weeks after the Communions the families will receive a link to an HD video. Below are the live stream links that are still available to watch:

Live Stream May 7 @ 10:30 First Communion Mass

Live Stream May 7 @ 2:00 First Communion Mass

Live Stream May 14 @ 10:30 First Communion Mass

Live Stream May 14 @ 2:00 First Communion Mass



The First Communions for 2020-2021 were live streamed and the video will remain up on Tom Killoran Photography’s Facebook page. You do not need Facebook to view the videos.

To see the videos – below are specific links to some of the Communions and you can see the others by going to Tom Killoran’s general Facebook Video page:

Tom Killoran’s Facebook Video page

Click Here for May 15 @ 10:30 link

Click Here for May 15 @ 2:00 link

Click Here for May 16 @ 1:00 link

Click Here for May 8 @ 10:30 link

Click Here for May 8 @ 2:00 link



Click Here for Aug 1 @ 9 Mass Video

Click Here for Aug 1 @ 12 Mass Video

Click Here for Aug 8 @ 9 Mass Video

Click Here for Aug 8 @ 12 Mass Video