Service has been modified for 2020-2021!

It will return to normal for 2021-2022

SERVICE FORM 2020-2021

6th, 7th & 8th Grade REQUIRED Service for Confirmation

After each service activity, you complete a service hour form.  The service form is a reflection on the service you performed and should be completed, by you, the student.

We look at the three years of 6th, 7th and 8th grade as a whole – as service is required in each of these years for Confirmation.

For EVERY STUDENT IN 6th, 7th & 8th grade you must complete 9 activities this year:

4 – Family Activities

4 – Neighbor / Greater Community Activities

1 – St. Paul Activity

We’d love to see photos of the students peforming their Service Projects – please email any photos to


  • Download the Service Hour Form – see above
  • The activity must be at least one hour in length, but if it multiple hours, it is still considered one activity.
  • The STUDENT completes the Service Hour Form (this is a reflection on the service the student performed) and gets all the required signatures. A Service Form is needed for EVERY service activity. Only two exceptions: Virtual Vacation Bible School and Centennial Garden – those you may write up on ONE form.

Family Service

Family Service is not normal middle school chores (i.e. cleaning room, taking out garbage, doing the dishes). It is doing a project like cleaning the basement or garage, building/making something for the house, etc.

Neighbor Service

Neighbor Service is raking the yard of a neighbor or in the winter, shoveling the snow, bringing out/in garbage cans for an extended period of time (month or two).

St. Paul Service 

Service that is sponsored by St. Paul of the Cross. This service will be in our weekly email blasts, so be sure to look for it. These would be projects like the Shoebox Project – the information for this project will go out in November. After you fulfill the St. Paul activity, you can use any other SPC activity for Greater Community.

Greater Community Service

This is service that helps people outside of your family. As said above, it can be a St. Paul sponsored activity, it could be making cards for a senior community or to send to our Troops overseas. It could be a Food Pantry collection or blankets for the sick or needy. Look online and find general service/volunteer ideas or something available in and around our community. Please note, that although we encourage all our families to give generously, the Baby Bottle Project will NOT be counted as service this year.

Completing the Service Form

YOU need to write the Service Form up yourself.  From your perspective, it should be a short reflection on what you did.  Even small acts of kindness can make a difference, so while you are writing this up, it is our hope that you realize the difference you are making and you continue to help others.

What if I was going to be doing the work anyway, can I count that?

Service should be something also given by your heart, but only you will know if you took a shortcut.

I did service for another church can I get St. Paul credit for that?

NO, a St. Paul activity is either here at St. Paul or is sponsored by St. Paul’s. If you did service at another parish it would be Greater Community Service.

Food Pantry Collection

You come up with a note (Service Project Food Pantry Donation Letter download here )  that you leave at your neighbors, that states you are collecting food for the St. Paul Food Pantry – or you may call or email (family members or friends).  Include the day you will return to pick up the food, ask them to leave the food, in a bag, by their door and have them sign the letter if they donated food and have them include the signed note with their food donation. This should be completely contact-free.

When you write up the Service Form, state how many letters you delivered (do NOT go to homes of people you do not know), how many people responded and how many bags of food you collected.  Staple the signed sheets to the back of the completed Service Form.  Drop the food off at the Food Pantry at the outside back of the Kinane Center (North East corner of building – that faces NW Hwy). This is an opening on the outside of the building that leads to a bin. There is a sign above the opening. This may be used for a St. Paul activity or a Greater Community activity.

Lenten Almsgiving

 You CANNOT use Lenten Almsgiving for service. As Catholics, we believe in the three pillars of Lent – Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving. Therefore, it is a requirement of our faith to give to the less fortunate during this sacred time of year.

Have other questions on service?

Email our office with your questions, we are happy to help! Our email is