Directed Study

As with all our options, Directed Study meets the requirements for sacraments and the Registration cost is the same.

Directed Study is a program for parents that would like to home school their children along with partial class instruction.  It is an multi-grade class with grades 1 – 8 meeting in the same space.  The class meets SEVEN  times over the course of the year.  Parent and child come to the classes in Holy Family Chapel.

Directed Study meets once a month on 4 different times/days:                                                                                                                                                                                                    Tuesday @ 4:00 pm or Tuesday @ 7:00 pm  OR Thursday @ 4:00 pm or Thursday @ 6:30 pm

Each month you may attend whichever of those four times works best for your family’s schedule. However, if you do NOT attend any of those dates, for the month, a Make-Up Assignment is required. See MAKE-UP ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS below.


ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET to be stapled to the top of chapter work – INCLUDE  FIRST AND LAST NAME!

Make-Up Assignment Form use this form if your child misses ANY class-See Attendance below

On the first class in September, the books are distributed. The Series used is Blest Are We by RCL Benziger. Then the DS Program is described and there is a short lesson.


Beginning at the October class, each child is expected to hand in 3 assignments per class – 8th Grade is the exception, please see 8th Grade Section below. If a class is missed, a Make-Up Assignment is required, please seee the Make-Up Section below.

The following is the required HOMEWORK for ALL Directed Study students:

For EACH CHAPTER – Complete:

        ALL pages, in the chapter, with ANY Activity or Question on them Including the Chapter Review and Faith In Action page(s).

Attach ALL THE PAGES to the Assignment Cover Sheet (ACS)

Please check your child’s work before handing it in assure that they completed the chapter work to the best of their abilities. 

Always available for download and always provided at each class will be an Assignment Cover Sheet (ACS). Parents fill this out each month so that we have a record of your instruction. Please write FIRST AND LAST NAME ON ACS.

You will be contacted if you are missing homework assignments.


The classes will be led by Anna Mae Parkhill, Director of Catechesis

Sacramental Years

Any child that is registered in the Directed Study program and is in 2nd Grade or 8th Grade for Catechesis will be participating in all aspects of making Reconciliation/Communion and Confirmation respectively.

Grade 2

Please go to our website and keep checking under Reconciliation or Communion for important information regarding meetings/dates/etc. Emails will also be blasted regarding these events.

Grade 8  Please read carefully for requirements for Confirmation

Please go to our website and keep checking under Confirmation for important information regarding meetings/dates/etc. Emails will also be blasted regarding these events.

In order to participate in Confirmation, eighth graders MUST have the following completed:

Seventeen (17) Chapters of work handed in (see above “required Homework” for detailed explanation) by the February class.

Saint Paper is due by November class.  Eighth graders are required to complete a Saint Research Form and complete a Saint Paper using the research form.  Please see link below. 

Saint Paper – 8th Grade Required-Due at November’s Class

ALL 8th Grade Service must be completed by December class.

8th graders do not come to class after Confirmation so they need to complete all assignments by their last class. They should hand in the following numbers of Chapter work each month:

October – 3 chapters

November – 3 chapters & Saint Paper

December – 3 chapters (Service is all due this month!)

January – 4 chapters

February – 4 chapters

As with all the 8th graders, they will have their Confirmation interviews in the Upper Grade Center prior to making their Confirmation – the date will be noted at the Confirmation Parent meeting as well as on the Class Dates Schedule for Directed Study.

Required Service

6th, 7th & 8th graders in all programs are required to perform service.  Please see the Service link for more information. Service forms are usually available at each class and you can download them from the Service link. You may hand them in, along with your homework, at any class.

Multiple Children In The Family

Your children should hand in individual work, even if you work as a family.  You may also join with another family and team-teach the children.  However, again, each child in the group must turn in his/her own work.

Attendance & Absences

At each class, Homework and Service Forms are handed in and Attendance is taken.

Because the classes meet so few times of the year, attendance is very important. If you cannot make your scheduled class, we ask, if possible to attend another D.S. class that month. However, if your child does miss a class, there is mandatory make-up assignment.  


If you missed a class, you must make-up it up by completing this assignment.

This is a 3 page reflection using 3 Make-Up Assignment Sheets.

The Make-Up Assignment should be handed in at the next class after the absence (along with the homework from the missed class plus the homework for the current class).

The make-up assignment is a reflection on all three (3) Sunday Readings from the week of the missed class.  The Sunday readings are the First Reading, the Second Reading and the Gospel.

Make-up Assignment Sheets are available to download from our Directed Study page and are usually available at each class.

The easiest site to use to find the Sunday Readings is the US Catholic Bishops.

Go to

On the top of the screen is a link titled Bible

Click on Today’s Readings – you will see a small calendar – click on the Sunday mass corresponding to the missed week of class.

If you would prefer to use your own Bible please make sure it is a Catholic New American Bible (NAB).  We would also be happy to recommend a Bible if you would like.

After you and your child(ren) have read and discussed the readings, please do the following: 

For each reading, use a Make-up Assignment Form reflecting on the following: 

  • Description – What happened? This is the who, what, where…
  • Feelings – How did this reading make you feel? Was it sad, hopeful or something else, why?
  • God Is In Everything – Did this bring up images of God, Jesus? Did any of the commandments apply to this reading?  Which one?  Does this reading show God’s grace, justice, power or something else?
  • Reflecting – Can I think of something here and now that is like this reading? Has it made me think differently? Which reading did you get the most out of and why?
  • Questions – Did this bring up any questions answered, unanswered, unanswerable?

When complete this Make-Up Assignment should consist of THREE pages of reflections.