Directed Study

Directed Study

This class is for parents that want to home school their children along with once a month partial instruction. This option is NOT grade specific. This year we are offering the instruction segment in either In Person or Remote options.

Students will complete 18 chapters of their book – including all questions on every page throughout each chapter including the Chapter Reviews and Faith In Action pages. You will attend either an In Person class in Holy Family Chapel or a live Zoom meeting once a month from September through March. Each month you will be able to choose which option/time works best for your family’s schedule. However, please note that there may be limits to the size of both the In Person class (and this option may be required to Sign-Up to attend) and Zoom class (each Zoom class is limited to 98 connections).

No matter if you choose the In Person or the Zoom option – a parent is required to attend with their child(ren). Attendance will be taken for both options. If you choose the Zoom option, your child’s name must be on the screen or you must email us with the current screen name and your child’s name, so they get credit for attending the class.

IN PERSON classes will take place monthly in Holy Family Chapel (basement of the church)

Tuesdays 4:00 – 5:30 pm           Tuesdays 7:00 – 8:30 pm

REMOTE classes will take place monthly on ZOOM

Thursdays 4:00 – 5:30           Thursdays 7:00 – 8:30

Each month Zoom links will go out on the Monday of the class week.

Due to the limited number of classes, a Make-Up assignment is required for any missed classes.

Families wishing to get their textbooks in the summer may contact our office by email to set up a time for picking them up. Completed chapter work will be accepted beginning in September.


The following is the required HOMEWORK for ALL Directed Study students:


        Complete ALL pages and ALL questions, in every chapter,

                      This means that any page with ANY Activity or Question on them INCLUDING the Chapter Review and Faith In Action pages

PARENTS – Please check your child’s work before handing it in assure that they completed the chapter work to the best of their abilities AND that the work will not be returned as incomplete.

You will be contacted if there is incomplete or inappropriate work.


Complete another chapter – in addition to the 18 already required


Any child that is registered in the Directed Study program and is in 2nd Grade or 8th Grade for Catechesis will be participating in all aspects of making Reconciliation/Communion and Confirmation respectively.

Grade 8  Please read carefully for requirements for Confirmation

In order to participate in Confirmation, eighth graders MUST have the following completed:

Seventeen (17) Chapters of work handed in (see above “required Homework” for detailed explanation) by the February class.

Saint Paper is due by November class.  Eighth graders are required to complete a Saint Research Form and complete a Saint Paper using the research form.  Please see link below. 

Saint Paper – 8th Grade Required-Due at November’s Class

ALL 8th Grade Service usually must be completed by December class. You may begin working on Service for 8th grade beginning in May.

As with all the 8th graders, they will participate in a  Confirmation interview.