Liturgical Based Program


The Liturgical Based Class meets on Saturdays.  You attend the 4:30 down Mass with your child(ren) and then you all remain in church for a 30 minute lesson with the priest.

Classes/Masses for this program begin in August or September and run into March.  There are a few weekends when there are no classes, so please check the Class Dates.

Students in Grades 1st – 7th must attend ALL classes/masses.

Students in 8th Grade must attend ALL classes/masses by the class before Confirmation

Also 8th Graders must hand in a Saint Paper in November. – See more information below for 8th Graders.

ANY Missed Class/Mass REQUIRES a Make-Up Assignment – please see below for instructions.

Weekly Class Procedure

There will be a bin in Holy Family Chapel Kitchen.  In the bin will be a Sign-In Attendance List and the weekly Pflaum Publishing handouts.

One person from the class should retrieve the Attendance Sign-In and the Pflaum handouts and begin the sign-in process.  Each of your children will sign-in and you will take one (1) Pflaum handout per family. They should hand it to the next person until everyone has signed in and received their handout.  Do NOT line up to sign-in.

Texts & Handouts

The family Pflaum handout noted above should be taken home, read and discussed.

Each student will receive a workbook – specific to their grade.  These books have 1-2 page chapters and then a Chapter Review and Unit Reviews. The Chapter & Unit Reviews need to be completed over the course of the year.

The student workbooks are handed in twice – once in December (they are returned after Christmas break) and once in March (EXCEPTION: 8th Grade – completed books due before Christmas break).

It is the parents’ responsibility to check their children’s books, prior to handing them in, to assure that all the assignments have been completed to the best of their child’s abilities.

Please write the child’s name on the OUTSIDE OF THE BOOK.


ALL 6th, 7th and 8th Graders need to complete service.  Please see the Service page for more information and to download Service Forms. Completed Service Forms can be left in the attendance bin.

8th Graders

8TH Graders do not come to class after Confirmation – therefore all work is due prior to that as follows:

In November – St. Paper worksheet & paper, see link below

Saint Paper Required for 8th Grade – Due at 1st Class in November

December 1st Class – All Service is due – see Service pagefor FAQ’s and to download Service Form

Mid December – Our Catholic Identity textbook, completed

End of January – ALL Class/Masses attended & any needed make-up assignments for missed classes

Please see the Class Dates page on our website – Liturgical Program – for the current year’s specific dates for Parent Meetings, Confirmation Interview, and other dates

All of the above is required in order to make Confirmation.


Because of the way the class is structured, for ANY CLASS MISSED A Make-Up Assignment is requiredThe make-up assignment should be handed in at the next class attended.


Make-Up Assignment Form

The make-up assignment is a reflection on the three (3) Sunday Readings of the missed weekend.

The Sunday readings are the First Reading, the Second Reading and the Gospel.

You may find the readings by going to the US Catholic Bishops website

On the right side of the screen is a calendar titled Daily Readings.  Click on the Sunday mass, corresponding to your missed Saturday class. Read each Reading and then:

For each of the 3 readings, use a Make-up Assignment Form (see below to download & print) reflecting on the following:

Description – What happened?  This is the who, what, where…

Feelings – How did this reading make you feel?  Was it sad, hopeful or something else, why?

God Is In Everything – Did this bring up images of God, Jesus?  Did any of the commandments apply to this reading?  Which one?  Does this reading show God’s grace, justice, power or something else?

Reflecting – Can I think of something here and now that is like this reading? Has it made me think differently? Which reading did you get the most out of and why?

Questions – Did this bring up any questions answered, unanswered, unanswerable?

When complete this Make-Up Assignment should consist of three pages of reflections.