Regular Program

As with all our options, the Regular Program meets the requirements for sacraments and the Registration cost is the same.

This year, our Regular Program classes are IN PERSON and are on Sunday mornings (8:45 – 10:15) and Tuesday afternoons (4:00 – 5:30)/evenings (7:00 – 8:30). As of now, masks will be optional.

We do need volunteers in order to offer these classes – so please step up to volunteer!

Make-Up Assignment for missed classes:

Chapters covered in class match the week we are in (i.e. 1st Class = Chapter 1, 14th Class = Chapter 14). When a class is missed, please 

        Complete ALL pages and ALL questions, in the chapter from that particular class/week. 

This means that any page with ANY Activity or Question on them INCLUDING the Chapter Review and any Faith In Action pages


  • Subject line: First Name Last Name Grade # Chapter # MAKE-UP