Regular Program

As with all our options, the Regular Program meets the requirements for sacraments and the Registration cost is the same.

This year we are REMOTE. We will have pre-recorded, grade level videos.

The videos will cover one chapter and they will also go over the questions (they may not cover every question – still include your answers!) in the textbook. You may stop and start the videos so that your child can write their answers in their textbooks. Be sure to answer all the questions in the chapter, on each of the pages – including the Chapter Review and the Faith In Action pages as well!

The video links will be emailed to the families once a week. They will not be able to be found doing a search on Youtube as they are unlisted. Therefore when you receive the email, either flag it or create an email folder that you can save the email to, for future reference.

You may hand in your textbook at the end of the Catechesis year. If you want to keep your child’s book, please either make copies and drop them off or send us an email with your child’s name and grade in the subject line.