Catechesis Guidelines

Click Here for Archdiocese Covid Protocol for RE for 2022-2023

When you register for Catechesis classes, due to the size of our program, if you did NOT receive a call or email from us – your child got into a class you requested (in CGS we request a 2nd choice in another program due to the limited class sizes).  We only contact you if there is conflict or question regarding your registration.

We Email home the start dates in August along with a link to all the dates for the year. By the last week in August – the Class Dates are also on our website, so you may then click the Class Dates link (on our website) to see the dates, for the entire year, for your child’s option.

For the first two classes, Class Lists will be posted on the wall in a central location.  There will be Coordinators in the hall directing students to their rooms.


Class Lists, detailing which classroom the students are assigned, are posted the first two classes of the year in the hallways.


Elementary Grade Center (EGC) – parallel to the church, runs parallel to Ridge Terrace

Upper Grade Center (UGC) – next to the Rectory, attached to the Morello Parish Life Center (MPLC) (gym building)

Kinane Center (KC) – behind the Rectory, fronts Ridge Terrace

Holy Family Chapel (HFC) – basement of the church



Regular Tuesday Classes Grades 1 -8 & All Abilities

There is only a small drop-off area in the parking lot – between the Rectory and the Morello Parish Life Center (MPLC).  Since children should NOT be walking in the parking lot without an adult, if you do not use this drop-off area, please walk your child up to their building.  You must use a parking space to park and leave your car.  No cars are allowed in the small lot between the church and school nor the alley leading into it.


The children wait outside the door of their building until they are told to enter.  The area is only supervised five (5) minutes prior to the beginning of class.  In good weather the children remain outside of their building until a few minutes before class begins.  In rain, snow or below zero temperatures they will be let in ten (10) minutes prior to class beginning.

The FIRST class, parents may enter the building and make sure their children find their classroom.  After that the children enter alone – as they do for school.

Grades 1 – 5 @ 4:00 – 5:30 classes meet in the Upper Grade Center on Tuesdays.  Enter through the doors (entrance B10) facing the parking lot and that are beyond the MPLC doors.

Grade 6 – 8 @ 7:00 – 8:30 classes meet in the Upper Grade Center on the first floor.  Enter through the doors (entrance B10) facing the parking lot and that are beyond the MPLC doors.

Regular Sunday Classes Grades PK – 8th Grade

Children should arrive no sooner than five (5) minutes prior to class and should IMMEDIATELY enter the building due to the fact that it is Sunday and there is so much traffic in the back lot.  And because of this traffic, we ask that parents walk their children to the door and do the same at pick-up.

Grades PK – 3 @ 8:45 – 10:15 classes meet in the Elementary Grade Center – all on the 2nd floor. Enter through the ramp door (entrance D3) between the church and school off the small parking lot.

Grades 4 – 8 @ 8:45 – 10:15 classes meet in the Upper Grade Center on the first floor.  Enter through the doors (entrance B10) facing the parking lot and that are beyond the MPLC doors.

•All Abilities @ 8:45 – 10:15 classes meet in the Upper Grade Center on the first floor.

Directed Study Classes Grades 1 – 8

Your child completes the chapter work at home and attends a once a month class WITH their parent. ALL these classes meet in Holy Family Chapel. These monthly classes consist of children from grades 1 – 8 and their parents all in Holy Family Chapel and are not grade specific.

Independent Study  – Grade 7 Monthly Tuesday Class Kinane Center  / Grade 8 Monthly Thursday Class Kinane Center

Your child completes the chapter work at home and attends a once monthly class without their parent that is grade specific.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Grades 1 – 8

These classes meet in the lower level of the Kinane Center (KC). You enter through the back door of the Kinane Center (directly across from the Rectory garage doors).

Since the door is locked, someone stays at the door to let the children in, therefore  PROMPT ARRIVAL IS MANDATORY.


Regular Tuesday  Classes Grades 1 – 8

For the younger grades, at dismissal the children are brought down to the outside door of their building.  Parents do NOT enter the building for pick-up.  Many parents of the younger children wait in the small parking lot between the school and church or outside the Upper Grade Center’s doors.  If the parents are not waiting in these areas, the children proceed to the sidewalk area between the Rectory and the Morello Parish Life Center (MPLC) which is supervised.

St. Paul does not take responsibility for the following:

Calling to your child to walk to your car, through the parking lot, by themselves.

Having your children wait for pick-up in a different area of St. Paul’s.

Having your children walk to another location offsite for pick-up.

If you are detained, and your child is in the area between the Rectory and MPLC there will be a supervisor there for them to rely on.  If you are more than then (10) minutes late your child will be taken to the Kinane Center and we will attempt to call your home/cell.  Please do your very best to be prompt for pick-up as it is not only hard on your child but we need to prepare for the next set of classes or close up all the buildings for the night.

Regular Sunday Classes Grades PK – 8

For children in PK –3rd grade, CHANGE TO PICK-UP – PARENTS WILL NOT BE COMING INTO THE BUILDING – children will be brought out the Ridge Terrace doors – please do NOT call your children across Ridge Terrace to your cars – come and get them.

Parents may use their discretion for their older children; however, please be aware that St. Paul’s is very busy on Sundays and parents and children should use extreme caution as they leave their Sunday classes.


Early pick-up is discouraged because it disrupts the class.  However we realize that sometimes early pick-up cannot be helped. If your child must leave early –  A NOTE must be SENT to Catechesis with your child with your child’s first and last name and grade. Please hand the note to the Door or Hall Monitor at drop off, requesting early dismissal and note the time for pick-up. The doors to the school are locked, so we bring your child to the door at the time you noted.  NO CHILD WILL BE SENT OUT OF THE SCHOOL ALONE. PARENTS MUST COME TO THE SCHOOL DOOR TO GET THEIR CHILD. This is for the safety of your child.



This year, in the Regular Program, we will be covering the chapters in chapter order. So week 1 is Chapter 1, week 7 is Chapter 7, etc.


It is our hope that the children are well and can attend all the classes.  However, if you child is going to be absent, please call the office and report the absence.  If your child is excluded from public school due to Covid, you are excluded from Catechesis as well. Please keep us updated of your child’s Covid status. Please complete the Chapter Review from the missed class. Chronic absences will be addressed on an individual basis.


Students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade must perform service hours.  Please follow the Service link on our website (Click here for Service Page) for more information and to download Service Hour Forms.


The children in Tuesday afternoon classes are allowed snacks in the classroom.  Snacks are assigned to a child each week, for their classroom.  This allows the child the opportunity to share a snack and the other children to express their appreciation. Unless there are dietary restrictions, children do not bring their own snacks.  When bringing snacks:

  • They must be individually wrapped

Do NOT bring snacks made with peanut products do NOT bring popcorn

Your child may bring a water bottle, but if they forget it, you will need to wait until the following day to retrieve it.


Discipline is training that develops self-control, character, orderliness and efficiency. It is derived from the word disciple.  The discipline that Catechesis seeks to develop is that the children grow in their ability to be disciples of Christ.  Ordinarily the children show self-control and appropriate classroom behavior.  They have consistently proven to be a joy to work with.  When a student’s behavior is inappropriate, the student needs to learn another way to behave.

Negative behavior which goes beyond the volunteer catechist’s ability to handle constructively in the classroom will result in the child being sent into the hall to speak with a Coordinator.  The second time a child is sent into the hall will result in the Director calling home.  At this point the Director and parents will decide on what is best for the child and for the class.


The decision to close or cancel classes is made by the Parish Administrators.

Immediately following the decision to cancel we will let everyone know simultaneously. We ask that you please do not send individual emails or call. Instead please look for one or more of the following:

  1. We send out an email blast.
  2. We put it on our website’s Home Page
  3. We put it on the Emergency Closing Center (ECC) – go to the ECC site and in Facility Name type in  “St. Paul of the Cross – Religious Ed”
  4. Here is a link to the ECC Site Click here for the ECC site 
  5. Ultimately each adult is responsible for choosing whether to come to class or not.

You can sign up on the ECC site to receive an email if we have a status change.