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St. Paul of the Cross is proud to celebrate the sacraments as one faith community, with the Catechesis Program and SPC School celebrating together!

If you are a parent of a Willows, North Ridge or other school and wish to make Confirmation here at St. Paul’s, please scroll down the page to find information on how to do so.

Confirmation Information for 2023-2024:

St. Paul in compliance with the policy and procedure of The Archdiocese of Chicago, has a parent meeting that you are expected to attend.

Information on Required Confirmation Parent Meeting for 2023-2024, in Holy Family Chapel, will be posted in August. 

Only one parent need attend the parent meeting. 

Attendance will be taken. Those that attended will be emailed the meeting packet that contains required paperwork that will have to be returned. For those that missed, information will be emailed about how to make up the meeting, in order to receive the meeting packet.



Confirmations are always scheduled by Class. The dates and times for Confirmation will be posted in September. 



SPONSOR AND CHILD BOTH ATTEND THE ENTIRE PRACTICE – If the sponsor is unable to attend a parent must attend


Due to the large sizes of the Confirmations, any requests for changes will be decided on a case-by-case basis but must be requested no later than December 15. 

Sacrament Fee

There is a  Confirmation Fee, for each child receiving the sacrament. It is paid by both Catechesis families and School families.

Catechesis Families, please include the $90 Sacrament Fee with your tuition (see Tuition/Fees link on the Registration page of this website).

School families this $90 Sacrament Fee is NOT in your school fees and should be paid by check or using our online payment option (accepts credit cards or electronic checks – and although the page reads Make a Contribution it is for paying Sacrament Fees) on GiveCentral  

Important Links Below for all making Confirmation:

Confirmation Banner Instructions

Confirmation Interview Questions

Choosing a Sponsor

Confirmation Sponsor Tips


Saint Paper

Below is the Saint Paper Instructions (includes worksheet that must also be handed in). These instructions are ONLY for Catechesis (and NR/Willows) students. SPC School students may have other requirements regarding their papers, please consult your child’s religion teacher. 

For Catechesis students (and NR/Willows) the Saint Paper, when completed, can be emailed to

Saint Paper Research and Instructions

Service is also required for Confirmation. Catechesis (and other schools) students please see the Service page on this website. School students please consult your child’s religion teacher. 


Confirmation at St. Paul’s for North Ridge / Willows / Other Schools’ Students

Please use the form below to register for Confirmation Only here at St. Paul’s

Confirmation Only Registration Form for NR & Willows students – fillable

If your child attends North Ridge, Willows or another school, your child may join St. Paul for Confirmation under the following circumstances:

  1. Your family has been an active parish member for your child’s 7th/8th grade years (families that are not active parish members will be accepted on a case-by-case basis and must pay a $180 Sacrament Fee).
  2. We ask that you send in your registration and payment no later than September 30 to be sure that we can accommodate your request. 
  3. You must pay the $90 Sacrament Fee at the time of Registration – 
  4. One parent must attend the Parent Confirmation Meeting – emails will be sent with the date/time/place (if you miss the meeting there will be a required Make-Up)
  5. Your child must complete OUR Confirmation Requirements: 8th Grade Service (see the Service page on our website for Service Forms and requirements – no proof of 6th or 7th gr service is required for NR/Willow/Other students), Saint Paper/Research Worksheet (see the above link for Service paper requirements) , Interview Requirements and either attend our Confirmation Retreat or provide us with information on what Confirmation Retreat they did attend – all by our deadlines. Additional information regarding Confirmation will go out in the Fall.
  6. Your child will be assigned a Confirmation Mass along with the corresponding mandatory practice, in order to participate, the above requirements must be met.


Links to watch Live Stream Confirmation Masses from February 18, 2023

Click Here for 9:30 Confirmation Live Stream

Click Here for 1:30 Confirmation Live Stream

Links to watch Live Stream Confirmation Masses from February 26, 2022

Confirmation Mass 9:30

Confirmation Mass 1:30